December 11, 2023

COVID-19 Prayers

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COVID-19 Prayers. There is so much anger and frustration and mistrust. What we do know is that prayer is the ultimate solution for the pandemic. However you feel about the pandemic, we know that all things work for good for those who love God. One important quality of prayer is the need for perseverance. We can get very impatient with God when He does not work as quickly as we might like. But the great saints knew and understood the importance of consistent prayer in the presence of God. Below are prayers for various intentions during the pandemic. You can also use the devotional prayers that are available on our website.

COVID-19 Prayers.

COVID-19 Prayers
COVID-19 Prayers 3
Each day there are daily prayers for people impacted by CORVID-19 (Coronavirus).

You can click this page to sign up to join people from all over the world praying to end this pandemic.
For the sick
Lots of resources to connect online and watch Mass, pray with others, and remain spirutally connected.
Here is a collection of devotional prayers you might find helpful during this time.
This site includes a form to request prayer. These intentions are remembered each day twice a day.
You can go to this page if you would like to join in praying for these intentions.