December 11, 2023

I have no reliable Internet in 2021. What Can I do?

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no internet
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

No Access

While remote learning is a great option for many so that we can protect ourselves, what about those students who lack reliable internet? What are the options?

First, it is good to be aware there are options. And, if you live in a house where a lot of people are seeking access at the same time, you might also be interested in mobile phone changes for the next 60 days.

Below is what each wireless or cable operator is providing. A word of caution: We are not endorsing any of these companies. Just providing information and links as a service. The Friar is unfamiliar with all of them, and in fact with most of them. Also, read carefully the details about any of these deals. Companies may end them at any time. Terms and conditions can be changed.

As the old saying goes, “Let the buyer beware!” While it is great to find ways to gain access, it can be easy to get taken as well. The easiest way to avoid this is to be careful to know exactly what you might be getting into with any of these companies.

No Need to worry


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