October 3, 2023

Recent Posts and Podcasts 2022 (and before): An ongoing jolt to healthy growth

recent posts and podcasts
Recent posts and podcasts
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Recent Posts and Podcasts

Recent posts and podcasts
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This is a list of our recent posts and podcasts. Our content is largely delivered both through posts at the Friar and through The Friar Podcasts, which you can subscribe to by using the app wherever you get your podcasts, or by listening right here on the website. An easy place to find our podcasts is at anchor.fm.

The goal is to provide ways to grow in faith. By providing daily homilies, spiritual reflections, friar book club selections and other posts and podcasts, there are resources here that help to think about your life and the place of Jesus in your life. Who is it you want to be and where it is you want your life to go?

Blog Posts

blog post
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Most of the time it is the case that our blog posts and are podcasts are the same. Recently, however, it has been the cast that when we record a homily, we also include a commentary about the background information or context. Sometimes it is similar, but the goal is to help to provide the ways in which the short recordings can become more helpful for growth in the spiritual life. Hopefully in the near future you will be able to listen to both the homily and the commentary that goes behind it.

My goal through The Friar blog posts is to provide a lot of ways for growth. Sometimes there is an issue or topic that I believe needs to be raised. At other times, I seek to provide places where people can seek to ask personal questions of themselves, discover the richness of the Catholic faith by looking at the bible, prayers, theology and more.


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It is no longer the case that people are sitting in front of a computer to gather the resources they need and want. Today people find their content on their phones, mobile devices and in podcasts online. And so The Friar does the same. You can subscribe to our website, and you can subscribe to our podcasts.


There are also podcasts that provide a way to read spiritual classics, the Church Fathers, and hear commentaries on modern day books as well. A benefit to books that are not copyrighted is that I can often provide them in pdf format, as well as reading them aloud so that you can listen to these books in your car, while you are exercising our simply at home when you are looking for something to help you relax.

How Will You Grow in Faith?

How will you grow in faith
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If you have ideas about how to better grow in your faith, feel free to share them. You can also subscribe not only to a place to hear podcasts, but to this website as well. It is a great way to be sure you have easy access to the content that continues to be produced and shared here.

It is no secret that we live in a world of brokenness and sin. As one of my favorite aunts said to me on the day of my ordination, “Remember, Father, life is hard.” I am well aware that there are many people who suffer a great deal.

And it is also the case that many people have found in their own lives the challenge that comes from brokenness they have experienced. Jesus often spent his time with people like this. In his life, it was often with those on the margins, the outcasts, but most especially the hurting who heard and received his message.

And so if you are broken, sad, depressed, anxious or hurting, I hope that you realize that Jesus can heal. I hope that you find here the tools and resources that could help you to grow in your faith.

This is because Jesus loves each one of us. Jesus loves you. He loves you even when you sin, which is why he desires you to bring that sin to him in repentance so that you can receive the forgiveness he desires to give to you.

Seek Growth so that You Will Not Become Stale

recent posts and podcasts
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It can also be the case that we do not experience spiritual growth, happiness and fulfillment because we allow ourselves to remain stuck in a rut. Do not let that happen to you. One important goal of this website is to remind first myself, and hopefully you too, how important it is to seek out in life the ways in which Jesus is calling me to spiritual health and growth.

That is why there are other resources besides podcasts. We have devotional prayers, and we seek to offer little by little courses that may help you to grow in your faith. It is our hope that when seasons of the Church come around you will be able to find ways to supplement the sources of growth that are part of your life already. This website seeks to remind you of the ways in which you can find again those tools you have used before.

There are also suggestions for spiritual growth that come from the pope, or the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. There are times when my Dominican Order has ways in which you can find new ways for spiritual growth.

Obviously the goal is simple. It is to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus, and to find ways in which you can become more active in your faith by living it in the community of the Church. You are not alone. You are with others who are also seeking to grow in their faith and who are desiring to be prayed for as well as praying for others.

Will you join our growing community of faith? Will you tell your friends about us? I think there is value here that could be helpful not only to you but to others. And let us make the commitment to pray for each other, even as we pray with each other.

recent posts and podcasts
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Catch our most recent podcasts below.

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