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Homily for October 15, 2020

The message of the Bible: God Loves You. Over and over again, Jesus sought to remind us that God loves us. If we are sinners, God loves us by forgiving us. If we are on the peripheries, God loves us by spending time with us. If we feel alone, God loves us by reminding us we are always in the presence of God. Today we celebrate Saint Teresa of Avila, whose life demonstrated the power of opening us to this loving God.

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Homily for October 6, 2020

Some contemplatives are really hard core. That is to say, their commitment to contemplative prayer requires their whole being. The Carthusians are one such community. In North America, there is only one Carthusian monastery, which is in Vermont. The life is a total commitment to contemplation and to prayer and study. Today’s readings provide us with snapshots of vocation stories, first of Paul, then of Martha and Mary. This reminds us that Jesus gives a plethora of vocations for the entire Church to flourish.

Friarly: All the way to heaven is heaven: Homily for April 29, 2020

Today the Dominicans and the entire Church celebrate the witness of the Doctor and Virgin, St. Catherine of Siena. A woman of deep prayer, contemplation, and communion with God who ventured out in service to the poor and the entire People of God.

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