Reflections from Msgr. Lavalley: The Bread of Life.

The Eucharist is not a thing, it is a person. Jesus is the Bread of Life. Jesus speaks to people who knew him personally. Despite this, they saw him and they still did not believe. How do we strengthen our faith in Jesus, present fully in the Eucharist? By doing what Jesus did: the will of the Father.

Friarly: All the way to heaven is heaven: Homily for April 29, 2020

Today the Dominicans and the entire Church celebrate the witness of the Doctor and Virgin, St. Catherine of Siena. A woman of deep prayer, contemplation, and communion with God who ventured out in service to the poor and the entire People of God.

Friarly: Seeing God at Work: Homily for April 29, 2020

Often we fail to see the Lord working in our lives. We can believe that all our gifts, all our blessings and talents are of our own making. But the truth is, it is always God working in and through us. Fr. Simon-Felix Michalski, O.P., reminds us to look for the Lord working in our lives and to try and see everything in a new and different way. We have to recognize like Stephen did, that God is at work and our ministry only bears fruit when rooted in Christ.

Friarly: The Gift and the Challenge: Homily for April 27, 2020

In the readings today Christ begins the Bread of Life discourse and we see the great gift that Jesus has given us both in his Body and in His Word. We too are like the crowds and are grateful for the gift. But do we understand what the gifts really mean? Do we understand what they tell us about the giver of those gifts?

My homily for the 3rd Sunday of Easter: Dealing with Disappointment: Friarly

We are often disappointed in our lives. The disciples on the road to Emmaus were also disappointed. They had hoped Jesus was the one to save Israel and to usher in a time of wonder. And then Jesus died and with it went their hope. But Jesus returned to them, opening the Scriptures their eyes and breaking bread for them. We must never lose our Christian Hope which rests in the promise of Christ. We have to continue to cultivate the virtue of hope and to recognize that even with all Christ has given us, he is going to provide even more for us. We need only rest all our hope in Him.

Reflections from Msgr. Lavalley: Third Sunday of Easter

Msgr. Richard Lavalley offers reflections for the readings of the Third Sunday of Easter. He describes the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Jesus becomes present in the breaking of the bread and they understand their role to share the gospel. And just as Peter changes to a courageous and powerful man, so too when we receive Jesus in the Eucharist we change too.

Friarly: We fear no lions: April 25, 2020

We are confronted with two different portrayals of lions today. On one hand, St. Mark, whose Feast is today, is portrayed as a lion. This symbolizes courage and bravery in the face of persecutions and anxieties. We’re all meant to be brave as we proclaim the Gospel. But we also see the Devil portrayed as a lion and the Devil is certainly not noble or brave. In fact, he is weak and he preys on the weak. Listen to Deacon Chris Johnson, O.P., break down what these opposing images mean for us and our faith life.

Friarly: What we have: Homily for April 24, 2020

In our lives we are confronted with many worries, many problems. In the face of some of these problems we can feel powerless and ineffectual. But the response of Andrew in the Gospel gives us a hint at how we can respond.

Friarly: How do you see the world?: Homily for April 23, 2020

Fr. DePorres Durham, O.P., uses the first reading to remind us of what we have heard both by Pope Francis and throughout Christianity: Jesus Christ has changed us. By our Baptism into the Body of Christ we are forever changed and we cannot go back. The Apostles in the first reading today know this. It is impossible for them to not preaching Jesus Christ, because they have encountered him in a personal way. The way they see the world has shifted forever.

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