December 10, 2023

What We’re Doing


We’re committed to the well-being of our customers and employees. At a time when social distancing plays a critical role in slowing the spread of COVID-19, our digital and support services are ready to help when you need it most.

Because you’re at the heart of what we do, we’re working hard to understand how to best serve you during these unpredictable times. As long as COVID-19 continues to affect our communities, we’ll keep this page updated with our latest efforts to support our customers, our stores and our Network.

So you can stay safe, we’ve made it easy to shop from home and get the services you need online. All orders on sprint.com will get free next-day shipping and waived activation fees.

We’re temporarily changing our store hours, check our store locator for up-to-date information on store hours and closures.

New Temporary Store Hours

Our Customers

We’re supporting customers by:

  • Providing Unlimited data for 60 days to customers with metered data plans (effective 3/18)
  • Giving 20 GB of free mobile hotspot to customers with hotspot-capable devices (effective 3/18)
  • Waiving per-minute toll charges for international long-distance calls from the U.S. to CDC- defined Level 3 countries (effective 3/17)

Our Stores

We’re keeping our stores safe by:

  • Increasing cleaning and sanitization efforts
  • Instructing employees to follow CDC guidelines on hygiene
  • Changing store hours and closing certain stores to comply with local public health guidelines (check store locator)

Our Networks

We’re keeping you connected by:

  • Working with T-Mobile to give you access to their network, so you can get more coverage nationwide
  • Adding more capacity to support increases in usage demand
  • Continuing to monitor, optimize and protect our Network
  • Encouraging customers to enable Wi-Fi calling on their devices

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