Prayer to end the Coronavirus Pandemic – For those in Economic Hardship

Today we pray for those people who find themselves in economic hardship. We pray for those who must work, even at risk to themselves, those without work, those who fear being laid off, and those who are anxious about economic matters.

Prayer for an end to the Coronavirus Pandemic – For Students

Today we pray for those students whose academic progress has been interrupted by the Coronavirus. We pray that this time may become a time to appreciate the gift of knowledge.

Today’s Prayer: March 16, 2020

As of yesterday, there were 153,517 cases of the COVID-10 virus, or the new Coronavirus. Of those cases, 5,735 have died. That is a rate of death of 3.7%. For comparison, the Seasonal Flu death rate is under 0.1%. That means, that the COVID-19 virus is much deadlier, and at present we have limited treatment options.

High School Lenten Reflection: March 13, 2020

There are just a lot of questions that make us truly uneasy. It is a scary time, and it may be easy to say not to panic, but the truth is the world is panicking and we don’t know who to trust anymore.

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