Jesus can calm the storm.

Today is a great day already. It’s a Friday and it’s a Friday before Spring Break while we are all getting ready to pack our bags and go to Florida or someplace warm. It is also…Friday the 13th. It is a day of great superstition and fear mostly popularized by the movie, “Friday the 13th.” Surprisingly, today is also two birthdays of my friends named Nick (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way)!

There are a lot of things going on today in our world and sometimes the fear in the world may distract us from what is already good in life. Some of you may have heard of this virus called COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) creating some real chaos in the world. This virus has caused some great confusion in society such as: What really is COVID-19? What is going to happen within our schools, families, and friends? For parents, how will we be able to work in this environment of fear?

There are just a lot of questions that make us truly uneasy. It is a scary time, and it may be easy to say not to panic, but the truth is the world is panicking and we don’t know who to trust anymore except probably the CDC.

But I just want to remind you of something truly important. I was reading the passage in the Gospel of Luke where Jesus and his disciples are out in the boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was asleep at that moment, and out of nowhere a storm swells up. Waves start crashing, thunder and lightning clash together in an epic roar, and drops of rain fall from the heavy sky. The disciples were in complete panic mode. They were rushing to get the water out of the boat and urged Jesus to wake up. It seemed that the disciples might not survive the storm and that all is in despair, but suddenly Jesus awoke and pleaded with the disciples to calm down and he commanded the sea and the sky to calm down. The disciples said that who is Jesus that even the earth and the sky obey him?

Just like in this moment in the world, we are in a storm. We don’t know when the storm will end, but we do know to trust in Our Lord always. When there is just too much going in our lives it is essential to give our burdens to the Lord to give us peace in this distress.

In these uncertain times, I urge all of you to talk with Jesus whenever you get stressed out about the virus or anything that’s really bothering you because he will calm the storm always and give you peace. Like always, I will be praying for y’all and I hope you have a blessed and hopeful Spring Break!

— Alex, Class of 2021

Music: Kathrin by Sascha Ende



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