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Do you know Jesus?

It is easy to talk about the spiritual life. It is harder to live it. Such is the dilemma we all face, or at least I know I do. I can talk the talk, but I find I do not always walk the walk. Despite all I have learned about Jesus, it is not always the case that I follow Jesus.

It can be especially difficult when we are very active in our faith. That may seem like a contradiction, but the truth is that we can become complacent in our practice of the faith. While it might begin only with little shortcuts, the problem is that before we know it we can be far away from the life of faith.

How is it we can avoid this? By recognizing that Jesus is the one who is the Light of the World, providing for the upright a light to show the way. I must start each day with a resolve to ask God what he wants from me this day. I must seek out silent prayer so that I can become attentive to the tiny whispering sound of God’s voice. I must do whatever it takes in prayer to become closer to God.

The real danger for me is that I can think that knowing a lot about God replaces knowing God. While both are important, it is in knowing God that we recognize the many things, the many graces God gives to us each day.

We can also think that knowing about God can make us more important than those who know little about God, but do, in fact, know God. When we are able to know that we all stand before God as sinners, in need of his forgiveness, it is then we have made progress in the Christian life.

Let us pray.

Dear Jesus, Help me to know you. Help me to make the time to be in your presence, carefully listening to all you want me to be. Help me bring my sinfulness before you so that you can redeem it and wash me clean. Whenever I find myself thinking I am superior to others, remind me to be humble, and to know like all people, I stand in need of your forgiveness. I make this prayer in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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