Reflections from Msgr. Lavalley for Palm Sunday

Reflections from my good friend Msgr. Lavalley on Palm Sunday. He distinguishes between being able to receive the sacraments and choosing not to, an act of indifference and maybe sin, from the desire to receive the sacraments and not being able to, an act of love.

Reflections from Msgr. Lavalley – The fourth word from the Cross

Reflections on the fourth word from the Cross from Jesus from my good friend Msgr. Richard Lavalley. This reflection is well worth listening to today.

Today’s Prayer: April 4, 2020

God is not always practical. His plans are not always pragmatic. Sometimes, perhaps often, God’s plans are incredible, that is, difficult to believe. We are called to love enemies and persecutors. We are called to help the poor, the refugee, the migrant. It is in giving that we receive.

Friarly Homily: Called to More: April 2, 2020

Rev. Brother and Deacon Christopher Johnson, O.P., has always admired Abraham. It took immense faith and courage to leave behind everything he knew to trust in God’s promise. It took even greater faith to offer up his greatest treasure, his very son, to God. Yet when called, Abraham answered. In the same way the saint today, St. Francis Paola, answered the call to leave behind the comfortable religious life he had found in Italy for the more difficult job of teaching the nobles and royalty of France about humility and charity.

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