Are you growing closer to Jesus?

For me, I start Lent strong, going in with a positive attitude ready to commit. But as the days fly by it gets harder and harder to keep my Lenten promise. Even if you are keeping your Lenten promise just fine, if your Lenten promise isn’t bringing you closer to God than it really doesn’t matter. That’s what we have to get into our heads. Lent is not about giving up chocolate or soda. It is about growing in your relationship with the Lord. If that means praying a rosary every day or as little as waking up and thanking the Lord for that day, as long as you are growing closer to the Lord in your fasting or promise you are doing the right thing. If you are doing well with your Lenten promise, make a promise with your friends so that you all can grow closer to the Lord as group. This is what I need to work on this lent and I hope that this helps you to grow closer to Jesus this Lent.

Joshua, Class of 2023

Music: Kathrin by Sascha Ende



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