It's the time to fast

Isaiah, often the mouthpiece for God, was a man of innovation. He challenged people to think in a new way about an old covenant. Today he takes the concept of fasting, and builds on the connection between fasting for God, and the attention service God’s people demands. Jesus is asked about why his disciples do not fast. He essentially says there is a right time for everything. Knowing how to respond to God by reading the signs of the times and the signs of our faith, now is the time to fast.

Who would choose a curse? You'd be surprised

Moses sets before the people today a blessing and a curse. It is hard to imagine that anyone would really choose a curse, but every time we sin we do. Why? How is it we can turn our back on God’s gift of life and choose the curse? Well, choosing life has consequences. Standing up for what is right and true can be hard, we can be persecuted for it. For this reason Jesus tells his disciples about his death, or warns his followers about self-denial and taking up a cross. Lent is a time where we are called to remember to take up a Cross so that we choose the blessing.

Lent 2020

Lent. The DePorres Pages has a few things planned for this season. We get ourselves ready with the Preparing for Lent Novena. Then, each day during the season of Lent there will be reflections for each day to get us thinking about how we might grow closer to Jesus. There will, of course, homilies, episodes of Going Behind the Word and The Catholic Schoolhouse. We will also suggest, thoughout the season, ways in which you can better your prayer life, seek to serve others, and sacrifice to better see the loving presence of God in your life, and his desire to forgive and to save.

What do you desire? Sin or God?

The Buddhist religion starts out with four great truths. And among the big lesson is this: While life is suffering, the cause of the suffering is desire, and the person on the path to Nirvana should detach from what they desire. In today’s reading from James, the idea of coveting, or desiring what is not good for us. But unlike Buddhism, we believe there is a desire that is good for us: the desire for God.

Today's Prayer: Be courageous. Take a Chance. Trust God.

Lent begins this Wednesday. Please don’t be a wimp. God wants so much for you. Don’t do the same old thing you have always done. Think about your life. Take a chance this Lent. Be courageous. Find what leads you away from God and remove it from your life. Take a chance and grow closer to the God who loves you.

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