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Homily for January 21, 2021

Do you really believe that Jesus is the divine Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity? Or is Jesus simply a nice guy who is a little better than we are? While we want to remember that Jesus is approachable, we also want to know that Jesus is strong enough to handle whatever we set before him.

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The O Antiphons: The Key of David

Keys hold power. They allow us to enter a house, to start a car, to keep things safe. Keys can also be symbols of authority. The one who has a key can open and can shut. And this is precisely what the bible understands what is meant by a key. In the book of the prophet Isaiah, chapter 22, it is God who will place the key of David as a sign of authority. In the third chapter of the Book of Revelation the key of David is the sign of authority of the Christ as he speaks to the Churches of Philadelphia. And Peter is given the keys to the kingdom by Jesus as the sign that he holds authority in this world.

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Homily for December 1, 2020

Today’s reading from Isaiah describes the wonderful intention of God for us. It harkens back to the book of Genesis where we are reminded the original plan of God was one of holiness and justice. Longing for Jesus to come into our lives is a longing for original holiness and original justice.

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Homily for Tuesday, October 20, 2020

One phrase from the gospel that comes up more than a few times is the admonition to be watchful. Be aware. Be awake. See things as they are. Keep your eyes out for Jesus. The presence of God is always in our midst, though sometimes we fail to see it. It can be for many reasons. We may not see God because of the hustle and bustle of our lives. We may have too many distractions in our lives. We may not train our minds and souls and hearts to see God. But God is always around us. And all we need to do is the watch and be ready.

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Today’s Prayer: June 1, 2020

Genesis 3:15 is sometimes referred to as the “protogospel”. That is, the first gospel. “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers.” In other words, this is the first promise of a redeemer. And this promise tells us the redeemer will be an offspring of the woman, of Mary, the Mother of God.

Friarly: The New Normal: Evening Prayer Preaching, April 4, 2020

Brother Andrew Martin reminds us that today’s challenging reality reflects a new normal that Jesus invites us into. Even after all this time, Br. Andrew Martin asks if we have yet become accustomed to the ‘New Normal’ of Christ. If we live in Christ, he accompanies us in our fear, and invites us to trust in Him.

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