The month of May was our best ever in terms of visitors to our website. It was so edifying to me, as people from more than 74 countries visited thousands of times. But we are not going to rest on our laurels. We have more planned starting in the month of June. Take a look at what’s coming up below.

Meditation Mondays.

Get ready for the Mass each week by hearing a reflection on a phrase from the upcoming Sunday readings. The goal is to help you to pray and reflect about this phrase all week so that you can encounter God in the readings on Sundays.

The Friar Book Club.

Many parishes and groups have book clubs, but maybe yours does not. We are going to be starting with Augustine’s Confessions. You can read the text, listen to the text, answer reflection questions, enter into discussions with others, and more. This is a powerful story of God’s grace, and does not require you to buy a book.

Fridays with the Fathers.

It is interesting how many people have never read the Church Fathers, those who wrote about the early developments of the faith, since they lived in the time of Jesus. I am aware of a tiny Christian congregation that started to study the Church Fathers, and they all became Catholic! Each Friday we offer a short bit of reflection on something written by the Fathers.

Gifts and Charisms

Some Christians are very familiar with the idea of naming the gifts they receive from God for the good of the Church. We’ll be looking at these gifts, both communal and individual as well.

And we will still have all the things you love.

The Friar will continue to post recorded homilies, prayer reflections and more. If you do not wish to miss anything, be sure to subscribe to the website.

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