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Today’s Reflection:

The pandemic resulted in a loss of work for many. As societies locked down to protect against the disease, for many businesses it was too much to continue to employ as many people as they had before the pandemic. The loss of work often brings with it the stress of worrying about basic needs, and the loss of the sense of dignity that comes from work. Moreover, there was also the problem of some people being blamed as lazy in the midst of not being able to find a job.

For the unemployed, there is often the concern and stress that comes from the need to care about family. For unemployed parents, there is the concern about whether or not they will be able to care for their children. There can be the lack of understanding of the difficulties that come from these stresses. Those who are unemployed can find they are also impacted with embarrassment and shame because of their circumstances.

Every crisis brings with it new opportunities. This is not just for those who suffer, like the unemployed, but all of us. As we see people out of work, we can be given the opportunity to hear God’s call anew for us to be more generous and helpful. With the help of government assistance, some have been able to start new businesses and to discover new ways to create and provide for their family. As we continue this Rosary Marathon, let us pray for all the unemployed.

Today’s Intention: For all the unemployed.

The Luminous Mysteries
The Luminous Mysteries – Dominican
The Luminous Mysteries – Lasallian

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