Starting in June, we will offer a book club focusing first on the Confessions of Saint Augustine.

When I was a diocesan priest, the bishop at the time used to encourage the high school students at their confirmation to get involved in those things the parish offered. The challenge to me was that for the life of me, in many parishes, I wasn’t sure what that would be they could get involved in. I recently read on the Forming Intentional Disciples Facebook Group the frustration that it was hard to find things to offer people who were seeking to get involved with in their parish, since they felt there was nothing really available to become involved in.

This lead me to think that maybe I could help. I am a Dominican friar, and this website has been a great source of blessing to me and to others. So, on Tuesdays, starting June 1, I will post a reading for the week from Saint Augustine’s Confessions, with some questions to consider. This can be used as an individual or as a group. I have chosen Saint Augustine’s book for two reasons. First, and most important, it is a great story of conversion that I think might get each of us thinking about our own need to convert. Second, since it is in the public domain, I can post the reading for each week here without copyright considerations.

I will provide both the written text, as well as an audio version you can listen to as a podcast. Stay tuned!

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