Some Christians are very familiar with the idea of naming the gifts they receive from God for the good of the Church. We’ll be looking at these gifts, both communal and individual as well. But my experience is that giving a name to our gifts is more of an evangelical Christian thing. I remember a recent conversation with a woman who was an evangelical Christian, and when talking about her care for her mother, she said to me: “God has given me the gift of working with the elderly.”

It struck me then that even I did not really think this way about God and my faith. I think I am a pretty good preacher, but I do not often name that. But as I reflect on it, I think I do have the gift of preaching. I do not say this is a boastful or proud way, but rather I say it because this is precisely what I believe God wants me to do. Long years of discernment have brought me to this point.

What gifts has God given you? What does God see when he gives you your vocation? What gifts have you been given for the benefit of the entire Church (charisms)? How is it you are called to live out your relationship with Jesus in being active in his Church?

This podcast will also explore the collective charisms of groups you may have heard of but wondered about the ways in which priests, brothers and sisters are different from each other. And so, from time to time, we will explore aspects of these collective charisms as well.

I look forward to seeing you join us. This podcast starts on June 3.

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