May 1 is Religious Brothers Day. It is not possible to express deeply enough the gratitude of the Church for all that religious brothers have done for centuries all over the world. I feel so fortunate to participate in the Lasallian mission through my work at Christian Brothers College High School. I am edified by the gospel witness of our cooperator brothers in the Dominican Order.

Message from Brother Michael Fehrenbach, Visitor from the Midwest District of Christian Brothers. (taken from website of the Christian Brothers of the Midwest District.)

As religious laymen, we Brothers are among the “forgotten” ministers of the Church. However, our longtime service in education has helped build the Church in the United States and across the globe. We have done our best to be brothers to one another, our students, teachers, Lasallian Partners, donors, alumni and all those who are involved in and have supported our mission throughout the years. Our brotherhood is a witness of the fraternal care and compassion so needed by our world today.

May 1st is Religious Brothers Day. On this day, I thought it would be appropriate to pause and say, “thank you” to our Brothers. Thank you for helping raise young men and women into responsible adulthood. Thank you for being spiritual guides. Thank you for being ministers of healing in difficult situations. Thank you for your simplicity of life and your humility. Thank you for your faith and your generosity of time, talent, and energy. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do as ministers of the Gospel.

As Lasallians, may we join together in celebration and gratitude on this day when we pray for all Religious Brothers in the Church, who minister tirelessly to be Christ to all they accompany through life’s journey.

Thank you, Brothers. And may God bless you all for the gift you have been to the Church and each of us.


Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC
Midwest District Visitor

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