September 21, 2023
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Rosary. It is my belief that God only permits evil if some greater good can come from it. In the abstract, this is easy to say. But in the concrete, like in the face of this pandemic, it can be harder to embrace. For a year and a half, we have been in a pandemic. And there has been so much suffering, so much woundedness, and so much death. We may never know the true toll of this pandemic.
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Today’s Reflection:

Sometimes it is called “the great equalizer.” At other times, it’s called “the brother of sleep.” In the Old Testament, it is the place of nothingness. Saint Paul refers to it as the wages of sin. Of course, all these things refer to death.

Probably most of us have had the experience of mourning the loss of a loved one to death. And whenever a loved one dies, there is pain and sadness. We feel loss. Sometimes we wonder how we are going to go on.

But in the Catholic faith, there are assurances that can help to provide us support. There is the reassurance of the rosary for some. For many, with the nearness of death comes the celebration of sacraments. There are prayers for the dead, and in a wake, times for families to gather to both support one another and to share the stories that help us to know that while life has changed, it has not ended.

But the pandemic brought an additional suffering. At the times when a dying person most needed their family, often they did not have that support. The risk of spreading the virus and causing more death was too great. But we can always pray. And so, let us continue the Rosary Marathon by praying for all of the deceased.

Today’s Intention: For all the deceased.

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