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Today’s Reflection:

It is my belief that God only permits evil if some greater good can come from it. In the abstract, this is easy to say. But in the concrete, like in the face of this pandemic, it can be harder to embrace. For a year and a half, we have been in a pandemic. And there has been so much suffering, so much woundedness, and so much death. We may never know the true toll of this pandemic.

But as I think about the suffering and death of the spread of the pandemic, I cannot help but think about how the spread of the pandemic mirrors the spread of sin. Some of us in the United States might remember when we first heard about the Coronavirus in parts of China. Just as the pandemic began in a small way, sin too sin can begin in a small way. We can think our sin does not impact anyone else at all.

But just like sin, the pandemic spread. And quickly. Our sinful actions can impact others in the same way. We can tell ourselves that sin is just “personal” or “private” and that our sin only harms us. We saw this with COVID. We did not need to worry about COVID because it occurred so far away. But soon people were getting COVID even though they did not even know the people who first contracted COVID. We could not know how people were contracting the virus, and could not see the virus. We had many theories about how it spread. Just like COVID, we cannot always see the ways in which our sin effects others, how it spreads, or the harm it causes.

As we think of the harm from the COVID, let us pray the rosary today for the entire world wounded by this pandemic.

Today’s Intention: For the entire world wounded by this pandemic

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