Anyone can become a saint

Sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking there is something fundamentally different about those who become saints. While on some level there is, since they have fully accepted God’s grace, on another level saints are ordinary people who did extraordinary things. Today we celebrate Blessed James Miller, a Christian Brother whose decision to stay to serve the children in his care cost him his life. He simply was open to God’s grace. Can we be too?

Just imagine what God can do with you

Three people. Three religious people. On August 25, 1849, Brother Gelisaire and two other Christian Brothers arrived in Saint Louis. They were brothers of the Christian Schools, whose founder, Saint John Baptist de la Salle faced amazing difficulty in establishing his community. But one man inspired three brothers who came to Saint Louis. And today de la Salle’s vision has taken root all over the world. This was possible through faith in God. Because de la Salle answered God’s call, a community and way of life was available to Brother Gelisaire. His trust created a school that has taken all students who are willing to learn and provided tremendous opportunities. Students at this school have answered the same call from God to do tremendous things. Grace is freely given. God generously invites all to be saved. What will you do to answer God’s call?

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