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Homily: The World and the anti-Gospel

Can you imagine a Fortune 500 Company making a list of qualities for a CEO and using words like meek? Peacemaker? Poor in Spirit? I cannot imagine that would happen. But the cost of ignoring the Beatitudes is higher than we might think. When we follow them, we are indeed blessed.

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Today’s Prayer: June 4, 2020

There may not be many of you who know Saint Peter of Verona, sometimes called Saint Peter Martyr. He is no longer celebrated in the Church calendar, but the Dominican Order still celebrates him on their calendar, and his feast day is today, June 4.

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Homily: The bold power of a relationship with Jesus

There is a tendency in our country today to refute anything we disagree with by mocking the argument. We express the opinion we do not hold by referring to the most ridiculous version of it. That is what the Sadducees did in today’s gospel. Questioning to arrive at truth is the goal of true seeking.

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Commentary: It starts with trying to understand

I grew up in one of the whitest states in the United States. In fact, I believe for much of my childhood it was the whitest state in the United States. As I think back over my school days, the only person of color I remember in my school was a foreign exchange student from South Africa. Interestingly, it was in the days when South Africa still had the Apartheid system. He was colored, not black, because his ancestors came from India.

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