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God loves you.

You warned me God. You still warn me. You let me know time and again how important it is to listen to you. But I do not. I turn away. I sin.

But then, in a mess of my own making, I wonder where you are. I wonder why things are not going so well. I wonder how I got into such a predicament. My pride gets in the way.

But in spite of all this, you never leave me. You are always at my side. You continue to love me even when I sin, even when I fail. And when I repent, when I seek forgiveness you forgive me. How amazing you are, God!

In what way do you need to turn to God today? What area of brokenness do you need God to heal? What area of sin do you wish God to forgive? Where is it in your life you need the grace of God?

Most major religions recognize that life can be hard. For Buddhists, it is the first of the Noble Truths. Life is suffering.

But major religions also hold out hope. As bad as things can be, a relationship with God can bring hope. We can grow in holiness. We can turn away from sin. We can allow Jesus more and more fully into our hearts.

I know this because I know God’s grace. God has forgiven me over and over again. God has shown me blessings in my life time and again. God has loved me over and over again. In fact, there has never been a time when God did not love me. And it isn’t just me. It is you too.

Let us pray.  

Dear Jesus, you love us more than we can possibly know. We sin, you forgive. We turn away, you call us back. We feel unlovable, you love us. Help us to know your love for us. Help us to tell others they are loved by you too. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Music: Cheezy Piano Medley by Alexander Nakarada



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