What more could I do for you? Nothing, Lord. Nothing.

Lord Jesus, how is it you could die for my sins? How is it you can continually pour out your mercy and forgiveness for these sins that caused you to die? How great is your love!

When I consider how hard it is for me to forgive sometimes, even forgiving a person one time, it is beyond my ability to comprehend how you can forgive me over and over again.

Each time I go to confession, I resolve never to sin again. But, inevitably, I do sin. I even jokingly refer to my “top ten list of favorite sins.” That is because I seem to fall into the same sins over and over. Why cannot I not learn the power of your love?

In the Book of Lamentations the question is raised, “What more could I have done for you?” The answer Lord is nothing. There is nothing more that you could do for me. You have completely poured out yourself, suffering and dying on the Cross, and I still sin.

But I am not without hope. Your love is so powerful that it does forgive again and again. Your love breaks through even the hardest of hearts. When I get discouraged, you pierce my sadness and give me hope.

So once again I come before you, begging for mercy I do not deserve, pleading for forgiveness that only you can give. As I reflect on your passion and death today, give me the grace so that I may strengthen my resolve to respond to your love, and live more fully the life you intend for me.

Let us pray.  

Dear Jesus, I cannot imagine the suffering you endured. I cannot comprehend your becoming human to save me and all people. I cannot fathom the depths of your love and concern for me and everyone else. Help me to consider your powerful love when I am tempted, and to seek your mercy when I sin. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Music: Cheezy Piano Medley by Alexander Nakarada

Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/4833-cheezy-piano-medley

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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