Water that gives life

“I saw water flowing out from beneath the threshold of the temple toward the east.” Water and the Temple. This line from the prophet Ezekiel is an interesting one. When have we seen, in the gospels, water flowing out of the Temple? It is when Jesus has died, and a lance is thrust through Jesus. Blood and Water flows from his side.

This event is about two great sacraments for the Church, Baptism and Eucharist. And so what about the water we read about today? What is the effect of water flowing out of the temple as described by Ezekiel? New life.

When the water flows out of the temple, it becomes a river that gives life to everything it touches. This is just like our baptism. When we become a disciple of Jesus Christ, the power of the baptism we receive gives life to everything it touches too.

We know during these days we need to be agents of life. Imagine what can happen when we allow the waters of our baptism to flow out into the world. New life everywhere.

Even though many of us cannot go out for much, cannot even attend Mass, we can still be agents of the life-giving waters of Baptism through our prayer.

Let us pray.  

Dear Jesus, the great gift of our baptism is awesome indeed. Through it, you wash away our sins and give us new life. And since we are made in your image and likeness, when we live as people who are baptized, this living water of baptism flows out to all we meet. Help us to be faithful to our baptismal call. Help us to grow closer to you during these challenging days. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Music: Cheezy Piano Medley by Alexander Nakarada

Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/4833-cheezy-piano-medley

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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