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Commentary: It starts with trying to understand

I grew up in one of the whitest states in the United States. In fact, I believe for much of my childhood it was the whitest state in the United States. As I think back over my school days, the only person of color I remember in my school was a foreign exchange student from South Africa. Interestingly, it was in the days when South Africa still had the Apartheid system. He was colored, not black, because his ancestors came from India.

Guest Homily: Is God calling you to do ordinary things?

Today’s homily is given by Father Scott O’Brien, the student master for St. Dominic Priory in Saint Louis, Missouri.. I was a novice when the news first broke about the spread of HIV/AIDS; that was 35 years ago now. Some things were known about it at the time, like how it might be contracted but little else.

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