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Homily for February 7, 2021

Suicide is on the rise. So are depression and anxiety. Pornography is rampant. We are angry and vitriolic with one another. What is our future? In today’s first reading Job says that life is a drudgery. He concludes he shall never see happiness again. Wow. Job is in a bad place. But too many of us may feel that way too. The antidote to this sadness? Faith in God. Cultivating a relationship with Jesus.

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Homily for December 13, 2020

In the Old Testament, when we encounter the idea of breath, we should think of the Holy Spirit. The breath of God (ruah) moved above the waters at creation. Mary became the tabernacle of God through the breath of the Holy Spirit. Jesus breathed on the disciples after the resurrection. And Saint John the Baptist refers to himself by what he does – a voice crying out in the wilderness. To have voice, we need breath. In a broken world, how often to we share the joy of our relationship with Jesus? For that is the cause of real joy.

Prayer for an end to the Coronavirus Pandemic – For Families who care for sicked loved ones.

Today we pray for those family members with loved ones who are sick with the Coronavirus and other illnesses, that they may be able to support and care for their loved ones who suffer.

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