Stop and slow down

In our modern world, everything seems to be continually moving faster than we can actually recognize. From technology virtually training us to expect instant gratification, to simply being at a point in our lives where we have to manage a lot of things at once such as school, friends, sports, etc. We are losing the ability to slow down and recognize the blessings and joys which were placed in our lives by God.

Just last week, I was given the opportunity to recognize how much I have overlooked some of these blessings. On one hand, my grandpa passed away and I was left having to think about all the times that I spent with him and how there was so much more that I could have done to show him how much I loved him. On the other hand, my older brother got married and I got to see firsthand the pure joy that my brother and his wife could bring to each other. It really helped me to recognize that we all need to take time to find the joy of those in our lives whether they are family or friends or even strangers. This Lent we have the opportunity to try and slow down our lives to refocus on what and who is truly important. Once we refocus on the real blessings of our life, we will recognize the greatness of the One who loves us so much to place them in our lives.

Damian, Class of 2020

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