Servant to the Servant

Lent is a time that offers us an opportunity to come to terms with our human condition and open the doors of our heart wider to understand our Lord a little bit deeper. For Lent we all decide what we are going to give up or what we are going to do, but in my opinion Lent is more like Advent where we prepare for Jesus’s coming. 

The summary of today’s reading is, that it  has already been determined by God who gets positions of authority. No one is able to sit on the throne in God’s kingdom because disciples are a servant to the servant, like when Jesus washed the disciple’s feet. In God’s kingdom the best position is not on a throne, but it is taking care of people. This would be like if the president would go out and serve the homeless and give them food and money. In God’s kingdom the water boy of the team would be a more humbling position in God’s kingdom than the captain of a team. If you’re the captain of the team and you yell at your teammates when they mess up you are abusing your authority. If you’re the captain and you help people out when they mess up and talk to them on how they can adjust then you are using your authority better.

Andrew, Class of 2022

Music: Kathrin by Sascha Ende



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