Matthew, Class of 2020

Welcome to the second day of Lent! The season of Lent, to me, is about cleansing the heart and identifying what is causing hatred or despair in our own lives and having an open willingness to address these things. But oftentimes, I find myself giving up in the beginning because it’s too hard or I just forget about it and then as a result, I don’t get much out of Lent. But being a senior involved in the Student Leadership Council and Brothers in Prayer, I’ve learned over the years that the more you’re committed to something through the ups and downs, the more rewarding and satisfying the outcome is at the end and so I encourage you that whatever you are focusing on or giving up, stick with it through the tough times and you will find your answer.

On this Thursday, February 27th, we hear in the first reading from Moses who states that if “you are led astray and adore and serve other gods” then you “will certainly perish” and “will not have a long life.” This isn’t meant to be taken in the literal sense but for me, it is symbolic as worshiping other gods represents the things in our lives that distract us from loving God such as material possessions and wealth. In my life, I reflect on my phone usage (social media) as being a distraction from God and how I spend so much time on Snapchat and Instagram and how it has become an addiction. As a result, I often let the content I see influence how I behave in the present and let something small affect my mood. This Lent, I plan to limit my phone usage by setting limits on my phone on specific apps so that I have more time freed up to live in the present and see what God has planned in my life. I hope that for whatever you are giving up or doing for the season of Lent, have an intent of why you’re doing it and truly challenge yourself in making your heart pure and anew. Challenging yourself is easier when you have friends who join you so invite your friends to do similar promises and hold each other accountable to truly remember this Lenten season! Best of luck everyone and God bless!

Matthew, Class of 2020

Music: Kathrin by Sascha Ende



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