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The readings for this post are from Saturday, April 10, 2021.

They recognized them as the companions of Jesus.” Would it be the case that you would be recognized as a companion of Jesus? The other day it was about recognizing Jesus. But today it is about being recognized. The way in which Peter and John are recognized goes from what may appear to be insulting (“perceiving them to be uneducated, ordinary men”) to complimentary, as those recognized to be companions of Jesus.

The interesting thing here is that Peter and John are seen as ordinary. Yet they have just done something quite extraordinary. A man who could not walk is able to walk. In the name of Jesus, Peter and John were vehicles of a miraculous healing. But they were ordinary men. Fishermen. Men who worked hard each day doing something many others in their community did as well. They fished.

But they are not ordinary today. No sir. They are extraordinary not because of what they have done, but because of who they know. Who do you know? Sometimes we get caught up in knowing the famous. Or the powerful. Or the rich. We are often ordinary people but we can long to be extraordinary. But there is a catch with the types of people we consider to be extraordinary. They are extraordinary for a time. Not forever.

But for companions of Jesus, the invitation to the extraordinary is ongoing. Every day. Forever. Just like Peter and John, we ordinary people can be extraordinary. Really. It’s true. For as a companion of Jesus, who we know comes before what we do. We get to know Jesus. We do not just get to know about Jesus, but rather, we get to know Jesus.

This occurs when we can make some time for Jesus. Can you give him five minutes today? Can you give him your heart? Can you ask him to come into your soul? Even if only for five minutes? Because that is where he wants to be. In fact, it is where he is. We spend the time, the five minutes, or more, asking to be able to see Jesus, to recognize him, and ultimately to become a companion of Jesus. And so today, get ready for the encounter that makes you a companion of Jesus. Today. Now. Start with five minutes. Enter into the silence where Jesus dwells. Think of the Holy Spirit entering you as you breathe in and going forth from you as you breathe out. And pray for a deep encounter to be a companion, one who breaks bread, and pray to be a companion of Jesus.

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