August 16, 2022

It would help if you were to be able to pray for my grandma.

Prayer for my parents, who are struggling to adapt to the changes brought about by these hard times.

Please pray for my son’s daily living and that he receives reimbursement for medicine—thank you.

For my older brother as he deals with despair and anger over his disability and good health and the strain it puts on his daughter and the weight I carry with this.

Please pray for our family and joy in Easter.

Prayers for the students that are struggling during this time. That they find their way.

I have a list of people I want you to pray for,

  • My great uncle
  • My Aunt
  • My Uncle
  • My Family

My older sister is in a nursing home facility (some long-term health problems) and they have some cases of Covid there. Prayers for her safety would be helpful. 

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