Alex, Class of 2020

The daily reading today, February 29, summarized in one sentence, is this: “if you live and trust in the way that God is leading you, you will flourish.” After reading this, I realized how much the reading has related to my time at my school.

Going into this school, I knew I wanted to try out for both soccer and basketball, I wound up getting cut from both. It wasn’t what I wanted at the time, but instead of hanging my head, I decided to trust that God was leading me in the right path. I decided to try out Cross Country, and I wound up loving it. While I wasn’t very fast freshman year, I decided to really start putting in the work, and I started running varsity during my sophomore year of track. After I achieved this goal, I knew that God had been working my life to where I knew I would be the happiest. So now I ask all of you this question; What’s one time if your life you had to trust in God’s plan even if you didn’t like it at the time—could even be right now—perhaps you didn’t get into the college of your dreams—perhaps you got in, but they didn’t give you enough financial aid—Perhaps you didn’t get the score you wanted on a test—perhaps you didn’t make that team—I promise you, if you trust in God, he is leading you to a better place, even if you don’t like it currently.


Kathrin by Sascha Ende



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