Hope: Just follow God

These days it can be easy to think there is no hope. There are problems all around us. How do we maintain a sense of hope in the midst of a crisis? The simple answer is provided today by Jeremiah. Hope comes from seeking to do the will of God in every way we can. Hope awaits when you stay close to God.

Today’s Prayer: Be courageous. Take a Chance. Trust God.

Lent begins this Wednesday. Please don’t be a wimp. God wants so much for you. Don’t do the same old thing you have always done. Think about your life. Take a chance this Lent. Be courageous. Find what leads you away from God and remove it from your life. Take a chance and grow closer to the God who loves you.

Whom do you trust?

Who are you? A worldly person, using visible gifts and talents only to know what to do, trusting only in yourself? Or a disciple, committing to following Jesus wherever it is that he leads? Ahaz and Joseph offer two conflicting and compelling examples of each choice. Do you really expect that Jesus will become incarnate

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