Homily for January 28, 2021

The quest for holiness. Today we celebrate Saint Thomas Aquinas, perhaps the greatest theologian in the Church. But the most important quality about Saint Thomas Aquinas was not his outstanding theological work, the Summa, his other impressive writings, his liturgical prayers, his poetry. No, the most impressive part of Saint Thomas Aquinas is something attainable for all of us: his constant quest for holiness.

Smart, Prayerful, Disciple

There is an often quoted statement from Saint Thomas Aquinas, who we celebrate today. Aquinas is really the most gifted theologian in the history of the Church. But toward the end of his life, he was saying that all he had written was just so much straw. Some take this to mean he did not value or appreciate what he wrote. However, truth be told, he was comparing what he wrote with his mystical experience of God and compared to this mystical experience of God, what he had written, his attempts to clarify, seemed like so much straw. What we are reminded of today is what Aquinas knew so well; there is nothing better than our relationship with God.

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