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Homily for January 17, 2021

Listen. See. Share. Today’s readings provide a framework for Christian discipleship. Samuel hears the voice of God but does not know it is God. But once he does, wow. He becomes a great prophet. Saint John the Baptist points out the Lamb of God. And some of his disciples follow. Andrew is convinced Jesus is the Messiah and he shares this belief with his brother Simon. Listen. See. Share.

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Homily for September 3, 2020

Sometimes our human wisdom comes in direct contrast with the wisdom of God. That is not to say we should not use our gift of reason, nor even that our gift of reason is unreliable. Rather, it is to suggest that sometimes the longer, eternal wisdom of God can seem to contradict our human reason. To find our lives, we have to lose them. To receive, we have to give. Today Saint Paul and Saint Peter remind us through word and example how important it is to recognize the limits of our human wisdom when compared to the eternal wisdom of God.

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