shallow focus photography of religious figurines

Homily for Christmas Day Mass

It can be hard to see. I can be difficult to see in the eyes of a mother whose child is ripped from her arms at the border. It can be hard to see in the inmate on death row. It can be hard to see in the homeless man who in spite of having a job cannot afford a place to live. But this Christmas we celebrate God-with-us. And that is indeed Good News.

Did you notice?

Notice. Notice Jesus. Notice Jesus in the poor. Notice Jesus in the person who really makes you angry at work. Notice Jesus in the person who is all alone. This is the message we see in the story of Lazarus today. How many times did the rich man walk by Lazarus? How many times did he see Lazarus in need by fail to take action? There would always be another time. There would always be tomorrow. I can always help Lazarus. This was true for the rich man until it was not. Take notice of Jesus today.

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