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The O Antiphon: O Emmanuel, our King and Giver of Law

God with us. Emmanuel. This last “O Antiphon reminds us very powerfully that God is with us, in the God-man Jesus. While it can appear at times (maybe even long periods of time) that God is absent from us, the truth is God is always with us. As the fully human and fully divine Son of God, Jesus reminds us that God takes on our mortal flesh to lead us to recognize our whole selves, body and soul. The truth is that God could have left us in our sinfulness, which would be an act of justice. But God’s justice is tempered by God’s mercy. And for all of us, this is good news indeed.

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The O Antiphons: O Radiant Dawn

Today’s “O Antiphon” recalls for us the prophecy of Zechariah that gets recited each day at Morning Prayer. In Luke 1:78, Zechariah says that “daybreak from on high” will visit us. In the Greek translation of the New Testament, the word used for “daybreak” is used three times in the Greek translation of the Old Testament (called the Septuagint for the seventy translators) uses this same word to denote a descendent or a branch, terms used to denote the Messiah. And so the implication is clear. This “daybreak from on high” is the Messiah, the one that Zechariah’s son John the Baptist will foreshadow.

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