banquet table with candles against wall with garland decorations

Going Behind the Word: October 11, 2020

Mountains, weddings and feasts. These images are part of the first reading and the gospel. What do these images mean when we see them? For there are certain images that come back to us over and over again in the bible, and it is important for us to listen attentively to what they mean. Getting some background on the role of mountains when they appear in the bible, and on how wedding feasts worked out help us to apply the invitation to our own lives. Just as the king invites guests to his wedding, so too does God invite us to be a part of his kingdom. But when we say yes to Jesus, there is no going back.

Getting Ready for Lent Novena: Day Seven

There are times when it is important for us to remember the goal. What is the purpose of our life? Aristotle suggested that determining what something is for was and important way to explain something. Saint Thomas Aquinas applied this idea to humans, suggesting that we were made for living in beatitude with God ultimately in the Beatific Vision.

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