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Homily for January 1, 2021

Ever wonder what Mary’s favorite title is? While I think being identified as a disciple of her Son is at the top of the list, I suspect the other title that rises to the top is “Mom.” When I think of my own mother, and other women who are mothers, it seems that the best mothers treasure the moment. Mary reflected and treasured these things in her heart. And I suspect she treasured nothing more than those divine experiences that allowed the Holy Spirit to act always through her in her life.

The Most important relationship: a follower of Jesus

Mary the mother of Jesus is never identified by name in the gospel of John. And while today’s gospel comes from the gospel of Luke, the message remains: we give the Mother of God such reverence first and foremost because of her tremendous faith. She trusted God. She believed in God. There were days like today in the gospel where she might have wondered about whether or not she was on the right track. But in all of this, her faith, her example, her life, all these things were ordered to God in a way that helped her to understand and know what was most important. May it be the same for each one of us.

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