building with tree

The O Antiphons: O Root of Jesse’s Stem

In the second book of Samuel, King David expresses to the prophet Nathan his desire to build a house for the Ark of the Covenant. In other words, David wants to build a house for God. But as is so often true of human endeavors in the presence of God, it is God who turns this desire of David on its head. It is not David who will build a house for God, but God who will build a house for David. While David is a king in an earthly sense, it is important to remember that God is the ultimate king for his people.

What did you go out to see? Whom do you seek?

What do you want from God? What is it you are looking for? So much of our lives are spent seeking something. But we do not always know what it is. Sometimes we want success without effort. We want to be filled with things that make us empty. We want deep friendship or marriage without sacrifice. Today the people are asked just what they are looking for in God. And this is the question for Advent.

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