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Homily for January 7, 2021

While the readings for daily Mass are almost always decided ahead of time, there are days like today when the readings appear to be especially chosen by God for us. After the horrific events at the capitol yesterday, Saint John reminds us of the importance of love. And Jesus reads the passage from Isaiah that teaches us what it means to love.

Today’s Prayer: March 2, 2020

It seems the life of faith can sometimes feel like a ping pong match. On the one hand, a faith life is assenting to eternal truths. On the other hand, there is also the requirement to meet the needs of others in all we do as well.

It’s the inside that matters

There are two important traditions going on in today’s gospel. The first is the long standing tradition of the most important commandments: love God and love neighbor. But at the same time there are traditions that arose after the Torah. And Jesus is pointing out the primacy of the tradition he mentions: loving God and neighbor. No, it is not right to shield money for the Temple at the expense of caring for your parents. The law and faith in God is not firstly for external observance — it is for internal conversion.

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