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Homily for September 8, 2020

We are always in the presence of God. But how often do we recall this? Today we celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the Mother of God. But do we consider how many elements of God’s grace needed to work together for this miraculous event that was the birth of her son? There is, of course, the “yes” from Mary. But as a support to her “yes”, there was the faith needed by Joseph to listen to the angel. Can you imagine how challenging it was to have to tell Joseph she was both faithful and pregnant? If you remember you are in the holy presence of God at all times, you too can do miraculous things because of God’s grace.

Whom do you trust?

Who are you? A worldly person, using visible gifts and talents only to know what to do, trusting only in yourself? Or a disciple, committing to following Jesus wherever it is that he leads? Ahaz and Joseph offer two conflicting and compelling examples of each choice. Do you really expect that Jesus will become incarnate

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