Jesus asks the question, James gives the answer

Who do you say that I am? Jesus poses this question in today’s gospel. What answer do we give? And what are the implications for the answer we give? What is interesting to me is that while the question is posed in the gospel, it is answered in the first reading from James. It is important for us to believe that the presence of God resides in everyone, even those people we cast aside as not important. So, thinking of how it is that you treat people, what answer do you give to Jesus? What does believing in him, believing him to be the second person of the Blessed Trinity mean in terms of how you act?

Why did John baptize Jesus?

In the early Church, there was some confusion about why Jesus was baptized by John. We see even John the Baptist has a question about the appropriateness of his baptizing Jesus. The gospel of John mentions a few times that John the Baptist was not the light, not the one coming into the world. So why, then? As we have seen all throughout the Christmas season, the Baptism of Jesus is one more way we see the divinity of Jesus manifest.

Not a last-minute haphazard plan

God has a plan for you. How often do we hear these words? God has a plan for us. We know it. But do we really let the power, length and breadth of God’s plan sink in? God’s plan for us is eternal, infinite and magnificent. God’s plan takes us beyond who we are today. But do we really reflect on our relationship with God, and are we willing to go wherever God leads us? Each year the Church gives us the season of Advent to listen. Will you?

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