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Homily for Saturday, February 7, 2021

When you are sick, sometimes you need to get a prescription. My years working at the local drug store where I grew up taught me many lessons that I only appreciated as an adult. Lent can be like a trip to the drug store. Our prescription? Removing oppression, false accusation and malicious speech, bestowing bread on the hungry, and satisfying the afflicted. Now is the time to make Lent real.

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Homily for December 10, 2020

It’s a dangerous job to be a prophet. Usually it does not end well. The prophet Isaiah minces no words in speaking to the people. “Worm” and “Maggot” are not usually terms of endearment. But the message he offers is one we too need to hear. We need to convert more fully and completely to Jesus, so he is able to come into our hearts.

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Homily for December 1, 2020

Today’s reading from Isaiah describes the wonderful intention of God for us. It harkens back to the book of Genesis where we are reminded the original plan of God was one of holiness and justice. Longing for Jesus to come into our lives is a longing for original holiness and original justice.

The Key Figures of Advent: Isaiah

The prophet Isaiah is the key prophet of the Old Testament. Except for the Psalms, the prophet Isaiah is the longest book of the Old Testament. This year, all four of the first readings during the season of Advent, as well as many daily Mass readings come from the book of the prophet Isaiah. The Orthodox Christian Church even celebrates Saint Isaiah on May 9. Why is he so important? First, his prophecy is grounded in a powerful relationship with God. The vision we hear described at the start of the book of Isaiah forms the foundation for everything he says. Second, he is able to read the signs of the times. While he was surely politically astute, his message is consistent. Trust in God. Third, Isaiah recognizes and challenges people to see that sincere faith in God impacts the behaviors of our lives. Lastly, it is easy to see in the prophecies of Isaiah a foreshadowing of the life of Jesus and the arrival of the Messiah.

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