black mug with proverb from holy bible

Homily for September 22, 2020

Sometimes we know what we know about faith from God’s direct revelation. At other times, we know because we use our ability to reason to arrive at the truth. That is what happens in the first reading. The book of Proverbs is a collection of sayings that often reflect this second way of knowing about God. But in both instances, arriving at true wisdom is about deepening our relationship with Jesus.

Whose Wisdom? God’s or the world’s?

Going Behind the Word: In order to get a better sense of what Saint Paul is getting at in the second reading from this Sunday’s Mass, it is helpful to look at what he says before what we hear today. He goes to great lengths to contrast what it means to trust in human wisdom, the wisdom of this age, and the wisdom he preaches, which pierces God. Human wisdom causes us to love ourselves, but God’s wisdom invites us into the very depths of God’s being in love. Human wisdom may satisfy today, but God’s wisdom saves forever.

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