Shaking off our spiritual laziness

Where I live the weather the past few days has made me feel kind of lazy. It has been dark, rainy, and today it was foggy. It made me lazy, even though there were many preparations around the house where I live to get ready for Thanksgiving. Since my talents are not culinary, I helped with clean up. But as I thought about the rainy, dark days, and my desire to nap, it got me thinking that my spiritual life can feel like that sometimes. I know what God wants me to do, but I do not do it. The first Sunday of Advent is a time to “reset” as it were. God gives us powerful grace to start over, to acknowledge sins, and to open eyes so that we might be on the watch for his presence.

A story of Adams

We might not be used to reading the Bible in this way, but with careful notice one can see that often the events of the New Testament are foreshadowed in the Old. Today Saint Paul gives us one of the most common examples, the comparison of the First Adam, who by one act, sinned, causing us all to inherit sin, and the New Adam, Christ, who by one act, redeemed all opening the door to salvation. It serves as a reminder that we should do our best to hear the warning Jesus gives to us in the gospel. We should be awake, on guard, on the watch, so that we can clearly experience the presence of God wherever we find it.

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