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Mass of the Holy Spirit Homily August 26, 2020

The readings today emphasize the role of the Holy Spirit. We can forget that we have been given all kinds of gifts from the Holy Spirit. And these gifts are designed to help us to grow in holiness by working to build the Kingdom of God. But, sometimes like Saint Peter the challenge can seem to be too great, too big. However, even though the problems we face may be great, the Holy Spirit is greater.

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Homily: Recognizing the Gifts of the Spirit: May 25, 2020

I played a dangerous game in high school. I compared my individual talents to others, and I found myself lacking. That is because for each individual talent I had, there was always another person who was better. Rather than being able to see the many blessings God gave me, I focused on what I did not have. In today’s first reading, the apostle Paul shows how being baptized helps each of us to see the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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