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Homily for September 20, 2020

Envy eats away at us. We can be consumed by it. We did not get that job promotion. We do not have the same material goods as others. People do not recognize us for our accomplishments as we think they should. We can even envy God. Why does he care for those people? Why does he tolerate those who think so differently than we do?

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Going Behind the Word: The danger of envy

At the root of the dissatisfaction in this Sunday’s gospel is envy. Even though they are not treated unfairly, the first workers of the day complain because they are envious of the generosity of the Lord. And if the love of God were finite or limited, they would have a point. But, God’s love is infinite, and we cannot be more fulfilled if we are saved. God’s love is without limit, and so everyone can be loved in fullness by God.

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