The Transfiguration was for you

There is so much packed into the account of the Transfiguration I could probably have spoken 30 or 40 minutes this morning. (Don’t worry, I did not.) What is true is that the Transfiguration tells us all we need to know about Jesus. It helps us to cope with suffering and pain. It teaches us about the importance of prayer. Listen carefully to Jesus, and you will see more clearly the importance of this meeting of heaven and earth.

Jesus asks the question, James gives the answer

Who do you say that I am? Jesus poses this question in today’s gospel. What answer do we give? And what are the implications for the answer we give? What is interesting to me is that while the question is posed in the gospel, it is answered in the first reading from James. It is important for us to believe that the presence of God resides in everyone, even those people we cast aside as not important. So, thinking of how it is that you treat people, what answer do you give to Jesus? What does believing in him, believing him to be the second person of the Blessed Trinity mean in terms of how you act?

What did you go out to see? Whom do you seek?

What do you want from God? What is it you are looking for? So much of our lives are spent seeking something. But we do not always know what it is. Sometimes we want success without effort. We want to be filled with things that make us empty. We want deep friendship or marriage without sacrifice. Today the people are asked just what they are looking for in God. And this is the question for Advent.

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